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Foam Concrete & Machines

Isolite foam concrete is a thermal & acoustic insulator.



Cladstone a friend environment natural sandstone product, a specially designed process has made it possible for the first time to harvest sandstone directly off the quarry wall in thin layers of just 3mm.



Extruded, Injected Profiles & Spacers, extruded items vary from single to double extrusion systems. 



Acrylic Decorative Exterior-Interior Paints,

Epoxy Paints, .

Positive Displacement Pumps


Positive displacement pumps in the following fields of application:‎
Sewage treatment plants, ceramic industry, sugar refinery, fish processing, olive oil ‎industry, paper & pulp manufacturing, chemical industries, agriculture, building ‎industry, shipyards, enological industry and others… ‎

Waterproofing & Coverings

Acrylic waterproofing materials,

PU Water based waterproofing materials,

Decorative Paint (Roller, Scratched, Marble Chips Plaster, Monocouche),

Water repellent (water & solvent based) ....

Admixtures & Renderings

Raymix - Admixtures for concrete & mortar.     

Raymix - Rendering Materials.     

Isokkol - Tile Adhesive.


LEVAJOINT Waterstop is a specially formulated polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) compound, or (TPV) ‎manufactured from virgin materials that fulfill all properties desirable for a waterstop.‎

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