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Characteristics: - Positive displacement reversible self priming action. - Uniform Flow. - Simplicity. - Abrasion resistance. - Versatility. - Slow Speed. - High efficiency over wide performance range.

What are the types of admixtures?‎

Following are the types of concrete admixtures:‎
- Air entraining concrete admixture.‎
- Water reducing admixture.‎
- Retarding concrete admixture.‎
- Accelerating concrete admixture.‎
- Calcium chloride.‎

Does adding water to concrete weaken it?

Water can be added on site if some of the water from the mix design was held back during the initial mixing. The alternative of using a water-reducing admixture or superplasticizer to increase concrete slump should always be considered because adding to much water may weaken the concrete or cause cracking.

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