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We are Global

Societe Raymond Barakeh SAL part of Barakeh Holding Group SAL, Lebanese Group of companies working in the Building Materials Industry since 1964.

Barakeh is exporting it's goods to the world. 

Multi Products

We provide building materials, including foam concrete, admixtures, waterproofing, painting and insulation materials. Our products conforms to international standards and to the needs of your business in order to ensure effective results. We partner with you to identify the unique challenges you need to overcome in establishing a strong presence in the market. We are committed to offer you the best quality/price ratio and adequate documentation helping in satisfying your customers needs.

High Quality

Société Raymond Barakeh SAL is dedicated to operate within the ISO 9001:2015 ‎requirements as well as the statutory and regulatory requirements set to conduct ‎continual improvements to the quality management system requirements to ‎enhance customer satisfaction and evaluate performance and effectiveness of ‎processes with the purpose of their improvement.‎


Société Raymond Barakeh SAL’s primary goal is to manufacture and supply superior ‎quality products and fulfill the customer’s requirements by providing services that ‎meet and exceed existing and prospective customers’ needs, expectations and ‎requirements. This is accomplished through developing our employees’ skills, their ‎technical knowledge and expertise, and increase their efficiency through specialized ‎trainings, awareness sessions and workshops
Société Raymond Barakeh SAL also works closely with its suppliers to achieve ‎strategic partnership and mutual benefits. ‎

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