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  • PVC Waterstops - Levajoint & Rayjoint
  • Accessories for precast and in-situ cast concrete, for reinforcement, formwork and general ‎contracting - Levafix
  • Profiles (Tubes, Chamfer, Trapeze, Joint rule...) - Levaprofile
  • More than 550 Soft & Rigid profiles geared mainly to the following sectors: Wood, Aluminium, ‎Metal, Construction, Car & Furnishing Industries - Levatrim
  • PVC Spiral reinforced flexible hoses from  ½" up to 8 " - LEVAFLEX
  • PVC non reinforced hoses, for gardens, homes from ½" up to 1 ½" - LEVAGARDEN
  • PVC non reinforced hoses, used as channels (transporting mainly water without using pressure), ‎produced in internal diameter 2 up to 6 inches - LEVAFLAT        
  • Polyethylene Low Density (PE-LD) used for electric wires installation - LEVACABLE    Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-RC) used for under floor heating - LEVAHOT    
  • PVC Ducting Hoses for ventilation and aeration - LEVADUCT    
  • PVC Pipes & Tubes for electrical conducts and water drains - LEVAPIPE    
  • Polyethylene Low Density & High Density (PE-LD and PE-HD) pipes for drip irrigation produced from ‎‎12 up to 110 mm external diameter - LEVATHEN




Standards & Norms


Plastics generally have: ‎ • Resistance to corrosion and chemicals, ‎ • Low electrical and thermal conductivity, ‎ • High strength-to-weight ratio, ‎ • Colors available in a wide variety and transparent, ‎ • Resistance to shock, ‎ • Good durability, ‎ • Low cost, ‎ • Easy to manufacture, ‎ • Resistant to water, ‎ • Low toxicity.‎

Which materials do you extrude?‎

We primarily extrude PVC (Rigid & Flexible), PE-LD, PE-HD, PP-RC and TPV. ‎

Can you produce colors?‎

Yes, we can match any color you need in all materials we extrude with in-house color processing.‎

What Industries Do You Serve?‎

As a manufacturer of custom plastic extrusion profiles, we serve many different industries. We ‎work closely with our customers to provide the highest quality thermoplastic extrusions, whether ‎for construction, furniture, industrial or other markets.‎

Can You Help With Material Selection Or Product Development?‎

Yes we can. Our staff has many years of experience in extrusion but we can provide some ‎assistance to every industry that we serve.‎

What Is Your Typical Lead Times?‎

Ordered items can be delivered within 24 hours on a (First-come, First-served) basis. Custom runs ‎vary depending on raw material availability and current backlog, which is typically 3-4 weeks at ‎most.‎

Can You Run Longer Lengths?‎

Yes, we can always schedule a custom run to whatever length you need.‎

How does injection Molding work?‎

Material granules for the part is fed via a hopper into a heated barrel, melted using heater bands ‎and the frictional action of a reciprocating screw barrel. The plastic is then injection through a ‎nozzle into a mold cavity where it cools and hardens to the configuration of the cavity.‎

What plastics can be injection molded?‎

Common thermoplastics used in injection molding are: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Polyethylene (PE). Polycarbonate (PC). Polyamide (Nylon). Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). High Impact Polystyrene (PS). Polypropylene (PP).‎

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